Reconnecting with My Creative Roots: A Journey to Originality

Brutalist housing complex originally built for Expo 67 in Montreal

I've been delving deep into the inspiration that drives my creative direction, looking at the objects, the art and the forms that i'm most passionate about. 

The last time I did this - seriously did this - was when I was doing my BA(Hons) in SIlversmithing and Jewellery. There were endless trips around town, hours of sketching, designing, modelling and more of the same again. The joys of being an art & design student in London. 

Now, at the present moment, I find myself needing to go back to that process to create the new designs and importantly, to stay original and true to myself. The jewellery industry is saturated with repetition and imitation. How to be an original artist? How to compete with the mass produced, machine produced and foreign made stock? Let me tell you, it's a challenge. 

At this point I need to mention my dear friend and mentor Kim Harrell, Goldsmith, silversmith and above all, passionate artist. Our recent in-depth conversations have spurred me on and given me the positive energy I needed. 

So - laptop is away and phone is off. Sketchbook and pens are out, i'm off to find some brutalist architecture to start my creative brainstorming session.


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